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We offer a variety of electrical services; we specialize in residential and commercial service and repair. Our licensed, uniformed & skilled electricians can successfully troubleshoot, install and/or repair anything relating to your electrical system. From power delivery for your Hot tub, air conditioner or furnace to simple fixture swaps and ceiling fan installations; just give us a call and we will be sure to get you taken care of! We can add circuits (dedicated or shared) for your new fixtures or fans, powered roof vents, whole house fans, attic fans, doorbells, recessed lighting, track lighting, grow room operations, switches, outlets & other electrical devices. Our honest team structure coupled with ethical pricing gives our customers an honest assessment when it comes to their electrical needs. When you are looking to get electrical work done, a service upgrade or need your electrical service brought up to code just call Carefree Electric for quality service at reasonable price!


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Carefree Electric started as Denver Electric in 1999. We relocated to Los angeles in 2002 and came back to Denver in 2010. The owners are Colorado native and our Master Electrician, Jerrett Metzger, has been working as an electrician in the Denver area since 1991. Jerrett was the youngest licensed Master Electrician having acquired his master license in 1997 at age 22. The ambition to be the best was evident as there has yet to be a younger master licensed in Colorado history. Our mission is to grow our business through good ol' fashion honesty, ethics and quality service. We value your business and realize there are many choices when it comes to electrical contractors. The opportunity to earn your business does not stop after we service you; each and every project you have is another opportunity to re-earn your patronage and we don't take the business of electrical power delivery lightly. We are the "Ethical" contractor and you can trust our motives & especially our services!

Meet the Business Owner

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Amanda comes with decades of entrepreneurial experience. She comes from a hard working family that built a successful sawmill operation off HWY 119 between Boulder & Longmont (United Wood Products Inc). She has been working since the age of 5 learning what it takes to persevere through lifes' red tape. She grew up in a family that knew the value of a team effort to succeed. Her grandfather came to the Longmont area with the America Dream glaring in his eyes & successfully executed a business that has employed many since the 1950's. It is no wonder that Amanda has an entrepreneurial spirit.... it runs in her blood. She was raised with old fashion values and to be a person of her word as the basis and foundation of all her actions and choices. When approached with the idea of Carefree Electric she saw an opportunity to widen the eyes of fellow consumers to a better an choice when it comes to electrical contractors. "Ethics and moral compass" are important aspects of her business!

We Do It Differently

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“Amanda – Thanks so much to you and Jerrett. The fixtures look wonderful. I think we might get LED bulbs so they are brighter and don’t need to be changed so soon! I realized later that I didn’t get to talk to Jerrett about the other electrical stuff that I wanted an estimate for. I am not in a rush, so I will email you to schedule something when I know I will be home during the week.

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